In order to participate in the Sydney Zombie Walk, we ask that you follow a few rules to help us all get along.  

  1. Don’t be an ass - Treat all participants, organisers, and onlookers with friendliness and respect. 
  2. Follow our directions - If any of our Zombie Wranglers ask you to do anything, please do it. We’re working hard to ensure everybody’s safety. 
  3. No touching - Please avoid leaving fake blood on vehicles, storefronts, street  furniture, and tourists. Make sure to give everyone (zombies and  spectators) plenty of space. 
  4. No guns - Do not bring guns of any kind. NERF gun? No. Water pistol? Nope. Replica rifle? HELL NO!
  5. No realistic weapons - If you’ve made a prop weapon that looks like the real deal, we may  ask you to put it away or leave the walk. We can’t have anybody  worrying for their safety.