2019 Event Details TO Be Advised Soon

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2018 Event Location

Above is the 2018 event

2018 Walk Route

The route this year is planned to be:

1) North on College Street

2) West on Albert Road

3) Down the Middle of Hyde Park (like the good old days)

4) North on College Street

End back in the Park

Have Lunch at Midday

A BBQ will be put on by the Brain Foundation to raise money for brain research.

Do Your Makeup

We will have lots of makeup artists and a makeup store for those who want to DIY.  Pre-bookings are available to jump the queue so please email us if you would like to pre-book

Get Ready To Walk at 2.15pm Sharp

The church next to the park has been very supportive of our event however the do have weddings planned that day, so we must hit the road on time this year. Every year hundreds of people arrive late and rush to join the event, this year, we wont be able to wait. 

An air horn will signal the start of the walk

The Undead After Party